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Welcome to Gothenburg Motor Trading AB 

Gothenburg Motor Trading AB is a family-owned business with years of experience as suppliers to fleet-owners, truck dealers and importers all over the world. We have inventory in Sweden and staff in Sweden and Denmark.

Our location, extensive contacts within the Scandinavian transportation sector and product knowledge has helped us become one of Sweden's leading exporter of used trucks.

Gothenburg is Sweden's main industrial city and Volvo's stronghold. A commercial center, with Scandinavia's most important harbor.

Gothenburg Motor Trading AB specializes in high quality trucks, at competitive prices. We purchase directly from transportation companies all over Scandinavia without intermediaries, in order to obtain the best trucks at the best prices.

All export destinations are possible for us! We have favorable agreements with the leading shipping companies and can arrange deliveries worldwide.

A lot of attention is given to arranging all documentation and preparing the units before shipment. Letter of Credits accepted.

We welcome you to Gothenburg Motor Trading AB, the people who put customer service first!