Sheet-metal workshop

Göteborgs Maskinteknik’s sheet-metal workshop has a large set of machines and great capacity. In other words, we do everything a complete sheet-metal workshop can do. The demand for top quality at minimum cost is always present in our work. Consult with us during the construction planning.

Sheet-metal work

We do all types of work in the sheet-metal workshop. We work on sheet-metal plates of varying thicknesses and of most materials. Thanks to our flexible production capacity, we can do large series as well as small ones.


We are experts on welding, and also weld cast iron and all types of alloys. Our staff have long experience in heat treatment and welding. All welding is done by people with good knowledge of materials.

  • MIG, MAG, TIG and Powder welding
  • Approved methods EN-719/EWF-411
  • Welding certificate EN-287/288

Subcontract manufacturing

We manufacture for example lamp-posts, rails, signposts and platforms. We can quickly produce prototypes, due to our broad experience and competence. The close cooperation between us and the client, makes the production efficient.

List of machines

Press brakecapacity 3 000 x 8 mm, press force 200 tons
Plate shearing machinecapacity 3 000 x 12 mm
Bending machines 
Rolling machinecapacity 2 000 x 6 mm
Straightening machinepress force 100 ton
Pullmax P8 
Eccentric presses (2)press force 40 ton
Plasma cutter 
MIG, MAG, TIG, electrical, and gas welding equipment